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Rain Water Model

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Rain Water Harvesting

rain water harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

rainwater harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

What is Rain Water Harvesting 2022?

Rain Water Harvesting Is A Technique Of Collecting The Rain Water Followed By The Process Of Storing And Purifying It For Its Future Use. The Practice Of This Method Was Discovered In Ancient Times, But Its Benefits And Cost-Effectiveness Help Many Industries And Households To Use The Rainwater Efficiently Even In The Present Times. The Process Of Harvesting The Rain Water Is Quite Simple As It Involves Collecting Rain Water In Natural Reservoirs Or In Constructed Water Tanks. The Rain Water Is Generally Pure. However Certain Particles May Challenge The Quality Of The Water. Thus, Purifying The Rain Water After Collecting It From Impervious Surfaces And Storing It In Water Tanks Is Very Important To Make It Ready For Final Consumption.

Rain Water Harvesting In India Was Adopted In Chennai, Tamil Nadu Under A Project Launched In 2001. This Initiative Made Every Household In The Rural Areas Install Rain Water Harvesting Systems Compulsorily To Prevent Ground Water Depletion. After Five Years Of Its Implementation, It Resulted In A 5% Increase In The Water Level Of Chennai Which Later On Persuaded Many Other States To Practice Rain Water Harvesting Techniques In Order To Avoid Many Challenges Related To Water Shortage. It Is Evident From The Past Few Years That Many County Countries Facing Huge Challenges Due To The Scarcity Of Water. Many Cities In India Have Also Gone Through An Acute Shortage Of Water Which Led Citizens To Pay Huge Costs To Avail Clean Water. This Scarcity Can Give Birth To Many Problems Such As Ground Water Depletion, The Disappearance Of Wetlands, Droughts, The Spreading Of Many Deadly Diseases, And Many Others. Thus, Keeping In Mind That Water Is A Finite Resource, We Must Use It Efficiently And Focus On Various Water Conservation Techniques To Meet The Standard Demand Of Water In The Future.

Rain Water Harvesting Project

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting 2022

Water Harvesting Is An Innovative And Effective Technique In Itself Comes Up With Various Advantages Including Water Conservation And Many Other Environmental Benefits. The Rain Water Collected From Our Rooftops Is Easily Accessible Which Can Be Used To Meet Our Various Water Needs, Reducing, Our Dependency On Other Water Resources. Moreover, Harvested Rain Water Can Act As A Water Backup Supply For Many Events If The Technique Is Efficiently Followed.

1- Rain Water Harvesting For Irrigation Is Another Benefit Where The Rain Water Can Be Used For Irrigation Purposes Especially In The Dry Regions To Increase Crop Production.

2- Furthermore, The Extensive Practice Of Rain Water Harvesting Produces Many Economical Values Such As Fulfilling Self-Sufficiency Of Water Demands Which Allows The Govt. Bodies To Supply Water At A Lower Cost.

3- Installing Rain Water Harvesting Systems For Houses And Industries Includes Various Services Such As Installing Rain Water Tanks, Rainwater Catchment Design And Rainwater Maintenance Services That Can Create Sustainable Employment Opportunities In Both Rural And Urban Areas.

4- Additionally, Rain Water Harvesting Also Acts As An Independent Source Of Water In Places Where The Availability Of Fresh And Clean Water Is Either Less Or Too Expensive.

Usages Of Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Collected From The Rooftops Can Be Used In Indefinite Ways. As Discussed Above, Rain Water Is Generally Pure Itself And Is Different From Storm Water As It Does Not Contains Any Hard Rocks And Other Solid Particles. However, Following A Filtration Process After Storing, It Becomes Functional For Both Indoor And Outdoor Use.

Rain Water Harvesting for Drinking 2022

Rain Water Is Comparatively Clean And Safe For Human Consumption For The Matter That It Is Chlorine-Free And Free From Other Chemicals Than The City Tap Water. Thus, Installing A Filtration System Would Convert The Rain Water To Drinking Water Systems. Since It Provides Us With Great Quality, Rain Water Can Also Be Used For Various Other Indoor Uses Such As Cooking, Laundry, Bathing, And Gardening As Well.

Rain Water Harvesting For Domestic Use

Since It Provides Us With Great Quality, Rain Water Can Also Be Used For Various Other Indoor Uses Such As Cooking, Laundry, Bathing, And Gardening As Well. Other Domestic Uses Such As Washing Your Vehicles And Other Types Of Equipment, Bathing Pets And Livestock, Stocking Pools And Ponds.

Rain Water Harvesting For Borewell 2022

Another Usage Of Installing Rain Water Harvesting System Is That It Can Recharge The Borewells. Borewell Is Also An Ancient Practice Used To Provide Water In Those Areas Where The Availability Of Water Is Less. Hydrologists Uses Borewells To Check The Level And Monitor The Impact Of Constant Extraction Of Water On The Ground Water. Thus, Rain Water Harvesting Installation Companies Suggest It For Borewells As It Is An Easy Method To Recharge The Underground Water From A Borewell.

Rain Water Harvesting For Irrigation 2022

Installing Rain Water Harvesting System For Irrigation Is Likely To Increase Crop Production. As The Water Collected From The Harvesting System Is Chemical-Free, It Can Be Used In Agricultural Fields Through Various Techniques. This Will Also Reduce The Dependency Of Farmers On The Govt. To Meet Their Water Demands For Irrigation And Other Farming Activities.

Rain Water Harvesting For Apartment 2022

Water Consumption In The Urban Areas Is Relatively Higher Than That Of The Rural Areas, Especially During The Summer Seasons. Many Of This Usage Is Rash And The Urbanites Pay A Huge Cost To Avail Them. For Apartment And Gated Complexes, Installing Rain Water Harvesting System Will Reduce Their Dependency On The Private Supplier. Moreover, The Rain Water Harvesting For Home Cost Much Lesser Than Other Private Suppliers. Hence, Rain Water Harvesting For Apartments Will Be An Effective Medium For The People Dwelling In Cities To Cater To Their Water Needs.

Rain Water Harvesting For Industries 2022

Businesses And Industries Run On Huge Investments. Although, Their Need For Fresh And Clean Water Is Constant And Doubles Their Expenses. Installing Rain Water Harvesting System Will Always Be An Ideal Supplement For The Industries And Commercialised Premises To Fulfill Their Water Needs.

It Is Well Known That The Water Used For Industrial Purposes Is Of Huge Quantity As It Involves Many Activities Starting From Manufacturing Of Finished Goods To Office Uses. This Is Where Rain Water Harvesting System Plays A Huge Role By Serving A Vast Amount Of Water. Rain Water Catchment System Designed For Larger Areas Can Be Installed To Serve All The Industrial Needs. Moreover, Most Of These Industries Rely On Complex Methods To Collect Freshwater Which Also Results In Huge Power Consumption. Thus, Installing Rain Water Harvesting System Will Minimize The Carbon Footprints For The Industries And Lead Them To Contribute To The Sustainable Development Of A Country.

Majorly There Are Two Methods Of Rain Water Harvesting Namely Surface Runoff Rain Water Harvesting And Rooftop Rain Water Harvesting. Let’s Dive Deep To Get A Better Understanding Of Both Methods.

Surface Runoff Rain Water Harvesting 2022

This Method Allows The Rain Water Flowing On The Ground To Be Collected And Stored In A Tank Under The Ground Surface For Various Purposes Such As Irrigation, Domestic Uses And Many Others. The Surface Run-Off Rain Water Harvesting Method Is Generally Implemented With An Aim To Control The Increasing Water Demandtoand To Reduce The Flooding Of Roads. This Is Also Considered An Excellent Technique To Reduce Soil Erosion And Water Pollution. The Surface Run-Off Rain Water Harvesting Method Is Generally Preferred For Apartments And For Complex Areas Where Rain Water Is Unmanageable And Causes Flash Floods. In Addition, Other Parts Of The Urban Areas Such As Parks, Big Playing Fields, And Gardens Are Some Of The Places Where Surface Run Off Rain Water Harvesting Systems Can Be Installed Given The Size Of The Area.

However, The Most Challenging Part Is The Filtration Process That Makes The Rain Water Ready To Use. This Is A Task Of Professionals As It Is Highly Significant To Be Assured If The Water Collected Is Clean Enough For Human Consumption. Thus, Many Rain Water Harvesting Companies Are Actively Installing Rain Water Harvesting System And Making This Globally Sustainable Technique Easily Adaptable For Households And Other Communities.

Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting 2022

In This Method, The Rain Water Is Generally Captured Where It Falls (Roof Tops) And Then Is Either Diverted To Constructed Tanks For Storage Or For Later Use Or Directly Used From The Catchment Tanks. This Method Is As Simple As It Sounds And Is Highly Effective For Residential Homes And Villas. Improving The Ground Water Level And Making Fresh And Clean Water Available Are The Main Objectives Of Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Method. There Are Plenty Of Places Where The Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting System Can Be Installed Such As:

As Both The Methods Are Highly Efficient, Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting Method Functions As An Allrounder Making The Availability Of Fresh And Clean Water Constant And Allowing Human Beings To Conserve This Indispensable Resource For The Future.

Installing Rainwater Harvesting System 2022

Installation Of Rain Water Harvesting System Is Not An Easy Task. The Following Steps Must Be Taken Into Consideration While Installing Rain Water Harvesting For House 2022.

Step1: Deciding where to place the water harvester

The Ideal Place To Install The Rain Water Harvester Is Beside The Roof Drain Pipe Where Most Of The Rain Water Can Be Easily Diverted.

Step2: Fixing of PVC and downpipes

The Next Step Will Be Fixing The PVC Pipes Leading To The Storage Tanks To Transport The Water Into The Tanks. Then Fix The Downpipes And Ensure It Is Remained Fixed Vertically To The Wall With The Support Of Clamps.

Step3: Installation of washout pipes

Washout Pipes Are The Separator That Is Basically A Valve Used For Cleaning The Roof. The Valve Needs To Be Cleaned After The Rain To Maintain The Flow Of Waste Water.

Step4: Storage tank filter

In Order To Get Clean And Fresh Water, The Storage Tanks Must Be Installed With Filters.

Step5: Placing of storage tank

The Next Step Will Be To Install The Storage Tank. It Is Advised To Install The Storage Tanks In An Upraised Area To Keep Them Away From The Reach Of Pets And Other Animals And To Prevent The Growth Of Germs & Bacterias. Make Sure It Is Tightly Covered.

Step6: Installation of the overflow pipe

The Final Step Is To Install An Overflow Pipe To Release The Excess Water From The Storage Tank.

Rainwater Harvesting Services in 2022

The Whole Process Of Rain Water Harvesting Is Simple And Convenient For Adaptation. Although, It Requires Higher Level Of Efficiency And Constant Monitoring And Maintenance To Get Accurate Results. Thus, This Task Must Be Left To Professionals.

However, It Is Necessary To Decide For What Purpose The System Is Being Implemented. This Will Help In Avoiding Storage Limitations In The Future. For This, One Can Contact With Rain Water Harvesting Consultant To Get The Best Of Ideas And Explore Further To Take A Clear And Informed Decision. There Are Also Plenty Of Rain Water Harvesting Installation Companies in 2022 That Will Provide You With A Wide Range Rain Water Harvesting Services To Make The Installation Process Convenient For All. If The Rain Water Harvesting Installation Is For Irrigational Purposes Then The Rain Water Harvesting Service Providers Will Design Catchment Tanks According To The Needs And If The Installation Is For Domestic Or Household Purposes Then The Tanks For Water Storage Will Differ. Similarly, If It Is For Industrial Purposes Then A Complete Rain Water Harvesting Model For Industries Can Be Designed Accordingly.

Various Rain Water Harvesting Service Providers Are Working Independently And With The Flexibility To Make The Process Of Rain Water Harvesting Globally Adaptable. We At Penguin Technologies Specializes In Waste Water Treatment And Explore Various Ways For Water Conservation. Following The Mission And Vision Of Our Organization, We Are Focusing On Encouraging People To Install Rain Water Harvesting In Uttar Pradesh And In Other States Of India, So As To Contribute Towards The Sustainable Development Goal Of Our Country. Thus, We Take Full Responsibility For The Installing Of Rain Water Harvesting System For You !