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Semi Auto Composter

Semi Composting Machine

Semi Automatic Composting Machine

The composter machine is a digestive system that functions with its special technique to decompose all sort of organic wastes within a short span of time.

Bio-degradable wastes are converted into bio energy in our Organic Waste composter. With the right conditions (air and moisture), organic waste such as food and plant materials like grass and leaves can be decomposed by organisms like bacteria, fungi and worms. In this equipment, only biodegradable wastes are used for composting and this process turns the organic waste into nutrient rich compost and fertilizers that can be used in agriculture.

Some of the Products of Semi Automatic Composting Machine are


  • Can generate 15 to 20 kg of organic compost by processing up to 100 kg of waste in a day, without using a Dehydration System.

  • Time duration shall be 24 to 48 hours.

  • If Dehydration System is used, then the machine is capable of processing up to 1000 kg of wastes and converting it into 150-200 kg of humus.

  • Dehydration system is an additional feature which requires additional cost to be installed. Once installed, it can enhance the composter’s output by more or less 10 times. It further aids in reduction of operation and maintenance cost of the machine to a remarkable extent.

  • 2 HP motor

  • It is environment friendly process.

  • The machine is noiseless as well as odourless.

  • The machine has a long life and compact size.

  • The organic waste is turned into nutrient rich compost and fertilizers that can be used in agriculture, farming and gardening.

  • Composting is a fully natural and biological process which must be adopted for controlling pollution and for improving our soil’s fertility.

Technical specifications

  • Weight – Ranging from 100 kg to 1500 kg (as per requirement)

  • Volume reduction – 85-90%

  • Dimension – Depends on the quantity of waste creation per day

  • Power consumption – 1.5 to 5 HP (Single /Three phase)

  • Machine operation – Fully automatic

  • Parts of machine

    1. Shredder
    2. inbuilt heating system
    3. mixing blades
    4. composting tank
    5. moisture control and air ventilation system
    6. dehydrator (on customer demand) etc.