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Ultra filtration

Ultra filtration plant

Ultrafiltration Plant

ultra-filtration uf plant

What is Ultra Filtration Plant ?

Ultrafiltration Effectively Removes Tiny Particles That Can Quickly Foul (RO) Reverse Osmosis Membrane And Reduce The Water Index. That’s Why It Frequently Serves As A Pre-Treatment For Surface Water, Seawater, And Biologically Treated Municipal Water Upstream Of Reverse Osmosis.

In An Ultrafiltration Plant, The Water Flow Is Directed Through A Membrane In A Cross-Flow Direction And A Portion Of Input Water Flows Across The Surface Of The Membrane At A Specific Rate Of Flow And Pressure. It Allows Many Contaminant Stuff To Be Removed And Allows The Membrane Surface To Stay Clean And Reduce The Fouling That Can Leave Other Systems Ineffective Until Manual Cleaning Occurs.

Some Ultrafiltration Plant

Application Of Ultrafiltration Plant

The Ultrafiltration Process Removes The Highest Sensitivity Of Conventional Plant Treatment Steps Of Coagulation, Sedimentation And Filtration To Variable Influent Turbidity And Particle Charges. UF Is Widely Used In Food, Beverage Processing, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Semiconductor Manufacturing And Power Generation Industries. Examples Of Industrial Apps Include:

  •  1- Washwater – Tramp Oils, Alkaline & Acidic Washwater
  •  2- Stamping – Heavily Fortified Stamping Fluids & Washwater
  •  3- Transportation – Oily Water From Vehicle Discharge
  •  4- Machining And Grinding – Water Soluble And Synthetic Coolants
  •  5- Die Casting – Mould Release Fluids & Washwater
  •  6- Vibratory Deburring – Oil And Solid Laden Deburring Liquids
  •  7- Primary Metals – Rolling & Drawing Fluid, Coolants

Get In Touch With Penguin Water Technologies For Ultrafiltration.

Penguin Water Technologies Is A Leading Name In The Field Of Providing Ultra Filtration Plants And Their Solutions. These Systems Offer Tangential Flow Pressure-Driven Filtration Processes That Help In Efficiently Separating Particles On Molecular Sizes. We Offer Reusable And Cleanable UF Plants With Standard Chemicals And Are Designed Using Advanced Process Technology By Removing Micro-Bacterial Counts. Contact Our Experts Today For Reliable And Successful Ultrafiltration Plants!