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Zero Liquid Discharge

What is Zero Liquid Discharge & Why is it Important?

Zero Liquid Discharge Is A Process That Can Remove All Types Of Impurities From Wastewater. It Converts Wastewater Into Good Water. This Plant Is The Right Combination Of Treatment Schemes That We Can Select From The App Of Treated Water. It Utilizes The Single Drop Of Wastewater And Its Technologies Help Plants To Meet Discharge And Water Reuse Requirements, Enabling Your Business To:

1- Match Strict Cooling Tower Blowdown And FGD Discharge Regulations

2- Treat And Recover Valuable Products From Wastewater Sources

3- Control The Quality Of Recycled Water

Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Technology Is Growing Worldwide As A Vital Wastewater Management Strategy To Reduce Water Pollution And Extend Water Supply. The Main Benefits Of ZLD Are Including Minimized Wastewater Discharge, Maximized Water Recovery, Removed Environmental Issues And Reduction Of Dependency On Local Water Sources And Local Legal.

Zero Liquid Discharge - ZLD

What’s Involved In A Basic ZLD Treatment System?

The Same Part Of The ZLD Treatment System Depends On The Volume Of Dissolved Material In The Waste, The System’s Required Flow Rate And What Specific Contaminants Are Present. A Basic ZLD Treatment System Usually Includes

1- Reactor To Precipitate Out Metals, Hardness, And Silica

2- Ultrafiltration (UF) To Remove All The Leftover Trace Amounts Of Suspended Solids And Prevent Fouling, Scaling, And Corrosion Down The Line Of Treatment

3- Reverse Osmosis (RO) To Remove The Bulk Of Dissolved Solids From The Water Stream In The Primary Phases Of Concentration

4- Crystallizer To Boil Off Any Remaining Liquid, Leaving You With A Dry, Solid Cake For Disposal

Contact Penguin Water Technologies For ZLD Solutions.

Penguin Water Technologies Offers Complete Thermal And Non-Thermal Zero Liquid Discharge Solutions To Manage Or Treat Wastewaters. Our Exclusive Evaporators, Brine Concentrators And Crystallizers Can Help Recover More Than 95% Of Your Wastewater While Reducing The Remaining Brine As A Product. Our Organic Carbon Analyzers Help Control The Water Quality To Be Recycled In Semiconductor Operations